w3wizards WordPress Theme Wizards

The w3wizards Framework allows you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Get the w3wizards Framework for only $77 and make your site incredible today!

Easy Setup with Multiple Options

With a fully featured admin panel it's very easy to setup your theme in minutes. There are many customization options to choose from.
Don't like the way the theme currently looks? No problem, with five different layout options to choose from, and other multiple options to choose from you'll be able to put together something you like.


The w3wizards framework uses state of the art code, and employs smart design methods that ensure search engines clearly see your content.
w3wizards framework is a powerful system, that combines HTML, CSS, and PHP in a highly efficient theme framework. By providing easy to use controls, it allows you to easily fine-tune the way your site looks and feels. Make sure your users interact with your site the way you want them to.


Upon purchasing the w3wizards framework, you will receive unlimited updates, unlimited support, and best of all you can use this theme on all of your websites.
Do you run more than one site? Would you like a premium theme on each, but don't want the bill? No Problem, with the w3wizards framework theme you can set it up on as many sites as you want! That's right Install it on as many domains as you want.